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Prairie Classics Inc.

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Original General Lee Door From 2005 Movie !!!

Makes a very Cool Collectable !!

Check out my listings of Parts For sale!!!!!

                         Mopar Parts For Sale
I have Many Sets of Heads For Both Big and Small Block Engines!!
There are Many Bare Blocks, Short Blocks, & Complete Core Engines !!!
 There are Many Valve Covers, Oil Pans, Waterpump Housings, Alternators, Starters, Brackets, Pulleys, Ect. For Many Different Models and Years  Many with Good Date Codes!!     Call Or E-Mail for your needs!!!
 I also Have Intakes and Exhaust Manifolds, of almost every shape and size Some also with Good Date Codes!!
 I have Many Used Suspension Parts, Brake Drums, Backing Plates, 8 3/4 Axels & Parts, Some K-Frames, Steering Sectors, Ect.  CALL or E-Mail For your needs!!!!
 There are a few 3 Speed Trannys, Shifters And Linkages!!!
 There are Several Automatic Trans Cores,  Big & Small Block Style !!
 A-Body 8 3/4 Rear........Complete Out of car W/3rd member            $600.
I have an Extra 1970 Road Runner Hood  (Non-Air-Grabber) That A piece of fan blade Gouged!!   Otherwise a very nice hood with Insert !!  No rust!!   Asking $500.
1 Pr of 66 - 67 Dodge Coronet, Plymouth Belvedere Doors Nice,    $
1966 Dodge Coronet Front Fenders, Grilles, Headlight Bezels, Other Misc Parts !!
Early 60's Dodge 880 Hood Very Nice !!!                          Asking    $100.
 I have Other Sheet Metal..... Hoods, Fenders, Ect. for many different Models Of A B And C Body Cars !!
         I do not Have ANY E-Body Parts Any More !!!
   E-Mail Me for your Needs!  I will Get back With you !!!
                Other Makes Parts For Sale
      I have some Small Block Chevrolet Parts:
Exhaust Manifolds
 Let Me Know What GM  Ford  OR Other Makes of Parts you Are looking for, I May Have, OR can Locate them For you !!!!!!  

Contact Us for Parts, Let us know what your needs Or wants are!!! We may be able to locate them !!!

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