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Cars For Sale

Check out my listings of Cars for sale, I will be adding more Cars and Pictures as time goes on !!!!!

With most of the cars on the list, I have at Least a couple pictures to send.

 A few cars, I Have as Many As 30. 

 If there are any cars on the list that you May be interested in Buying Let me know And I will send whatever pictures I have.

 Most of the cars on the list are Still in South Dakota.

  Thanks for your interest !!


   Geoff Voorhees


                                      Chrysler Cars

 1964 Chrysler New Yorker 413 4bbl, Runs Need some break Work, Dark Green Straight Body, Very little rust  With clean Title !!                                  $3250.
1964 Chrysler 300 2dr Ht 361 4bbl,stuck  Maroon Auto, Air, ps, pb very nice complete car!                                                          Asking              $1500.
1963 Chrysler 300 361 3spd on floor!!!  non/complete   Parts Or restore Asking $900.
                                          Dodge Cars
1980 Dodge Aspen 2dr 318 4bbl Auto W/Counsole Rust Free California Car, White, W/Maroon Interior, Window Louvers,Factory Aluminum Wheels with Rare center caps!!! I put an 8 3/4 Posi Rear End in with all new breaks But Has been sitting a while Nice project Car!!!                                            Asking     $3000.
1966 Dodge Monaco 2 dr HT 383 2bbl Loose  8 3/4 rear, some rust,  Good Parts or Restoration !!                                                                       Asking $1200.

1973 Dodge Dart Swinger V8 Car, W/Disk Breaks,  W/Title, Gutted someone started to make a drag car out of it  Has good potential !!!       Asking        $600.
                                        Plymouth Cars
1965 Plymouth Barracuda was a 440 Drag car w/ fenderwell Headers 8 3/4 rear Good overall body W/title would make Great Nostalgic Racer !!! Asking $2500.
1966 Plymouth Valiant Signet 200   2dr Ht   A/body 8 3/4 rear W/center    No engine or trans       buckets missing  all glass good,  nice solid car, some danage front and rear       no title at this time      excellent drag race car !!                                                                       Asking              $1800.
1972 Plymouth Fury III 400 2bbl 727 Auto, 4dr Brown, Delux Interior  Very Nice Straight Car, Minimal Rust !!                                        Asking               $2000.
1973 Plymouth Duster  340 4spd car no eng trans   8 1/4 Posi, disk breaks, sway bar, 120 speedo needs rear 1/4s  some rust     Good Title          Asking     $1800.
1937 Plymouth 4dr sed w/suicide drs !!   Some body work started !! nice comp W/Title Mustang II Front End                                                Asking       $3500.
1948 Plymouth 2 Door Sed Great Parts Car or Rat Rod Material !!  Asking $800.

1964 Plymouth Belvedere 4 dr sed no eng/trans Parts Car                          $600.

1964 Plymouth Fury 4dr sed Excellent parts Car!!  Complete!!  asking       $1500.

1964 Plymouth Fury 2dr Ht RUSTY Runs! Poly 318  Title Good Parts!       $2000.

1964 Plymouth Fury 2dr Ht NCarolina car Very nice rust free apart           $3000.

1968 Plymouth Sport Satellite 383 Mag Car!! Counsole Air! RUSTY          $1300.

1968 Plymouth Sport Satellite     Drag Car Or Parts   No/title/eng/trans     $1200.

1968 Plymouth Sport Satellite      Drag Car Or Parts  No/title/eng/trans     $1200.

1976 Plymouth Duster Disk Breaks  Parts  W/title               Asking         $800.
                                           Other Cars
1951 Keiser 4 door Runs Complete car No title at this time    Asking $900. OBO
1949 chevrolet 4 door Rusty But Some good chrome, and parts   Asking      $400.
1952 Chevrolet Belair 4 Door Parts Car  Lots of good chrome, Rusty    $500. OBO

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