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Trucks For Sale

Check out my listings of Trucks For sale, I will be Adding more Trucks and Pictures as time goes on!!!!

                            Dodge Trucks for Sale
1972 Dodge Short Box 1/2 ton Orange Old Gov/Surplus Truck, No mtr/trans, box sides are cutout ready for new box sides, cab is good, as is the running gear!!  Has 9 1/4  410 posi rear  Good Project/Parts      With Title      Asking         $500.
1975 Dodge W100 4x4 360 Auto, new tires, belts, hoses, plugs Ect.  Good Hunting, Wood Hauling Or Mud truck?!?!                               Asking      $1500.
1976 Dodge W200  4x4 Club Cab 400Eng/Auto took motor/trans out, tranny is rebuilt, need to be put Back together      Everything to go !!!!     Asking     $1500.
1980 Dodge D50 Ram 2.0 Ltr German Made Engine, 4spd,  Red, runs,  title                                                                          Asking                 $200.
1980 Dodge D50 Ram 2.6 Ltr Mitsubishi Motor Auto Black, Bad Head, Good Body, For Parts or restore!!       W/Title                      Asking                  $200.
1980 Dodge D50 Ram 2.6 Ltr Mitsubishi Motor, 4spd, Orange, Bad Body, For Parts, no Title                                                           Asking                  $150
                                       Other Trucks
1949 International Harvester Farm Truck, Complete, Decent Body, Excellent Rat Rod Material !!                                                               Asking  $1200. OBO 1975  International 3/4  4x4  345 4spd   Dana 45 Front 60 Rear 4.10 gears Disk Breaks up front, Divorced Transfer Case, Would make a Good Parts Truck OR to build a 4x4 on a Good Frame!!                                      Asking             $1200.
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