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Gas Engines Tractors Maytag & Related items

Gas Engines Tractors Maytag & Related items

Check out my listings of Gas Engines, Carts, Maytag Engines, Tractors, Ect.

                    Hit & Miss Gas engines
 I Just went thru and updated this List a little, April 3,  2015   most of the engines On here are Decent Engines Or Good Projects, and if not I will Let you know if its just a Parts engine.
  I usually Don't Part engines Out, So I Don't have alot of loose parts, unless It's odds & ends from Auctions Or Swap meets, Most engines I get, I try to clean and re-assemble, Because there are parts Available out there for Most of them.
 I Know some people that Part engines Out,  I may be able to direct you to someone who will Have what you are Looking For !!
Most of the Engines I have pictures of, Some I do Not... But If you are Seriously Interested in One, I will Get all The Pics You need !!!
  If you have a small Collection of Engines that you would like to trade for 1 Good Engine,   Send me an E-Mail,  Let me know What you Have,  And If you are not too Extremely far away.... I will Consider any Trade !!!  I am Always looking for Whole Engines, Parts, Or Parts Engines..
  ALL Prices are negotiable !!  Most anything can be delivered to the spring swap meets For free If its Paid For OR Partially Paid for, Otherwise If I take it to a Swap, I will not hold it...
Fairbanks Morse 3 Hp Complete, Bosch AB-33 Mag  On Good Orig cart Good Engine  Project !!                                                                                  $900.
3 Hp John Deere Comp. Good Flywheels, Head Has nice Repair, Rebuilt Mag                                                                                                   $1600.
2 1/2 Hp  Hercules Type K Complete Double Tags Orig Cart Nice Eng.      $1850.
3 Hp Hercules Type F Comp. W/ Hot Webster Type F  Mag. Engine Is Apart....But Good Engine Project !!                 $750.
2 1/2 Hp Economy Type E Comp. W/Hot Webster Mag Engines is Apart.... But A Good Engine Project !!                 $750.
Fuller & Johnson 3 Hp K Comp. Bosch Mag  Running On Original Cart    $1800.
Ideal Upright 4 Hp restored a few years ago, Has original Hopper covers, and Muffler, Super good Compression !!!                                                        $900.
3 Hp Field Brundage Type W Complete with Hot Webster Mag Very Nice Engine,  Needs Honed & re-assembled.........  On original Skid              $900.
3 Hp Rock Island, Wizard Mag, Complete orig, On Orig cart, Loose good resto project   $1900.

Nice 2 Hp Headless Witte All Original With Crank Handle & good Fuel Tank !!                  $650.
2 1/2 Hp Economy Type E Comp, Web Mag, W/crank and Oiler on Original cart, Rare Small Pulley  !!!!         $1600.
4 Hp Sparta Economy, CA Complete, Excellent condition,   Original Crank Handle, on skid.                                                                  Asking      $2200.
1 1/2 Lauson, EK Mag, Oiler, Paint, Decal, Orig. Disk-Wheel Cart, Repo Muffler Complete Original, as nice as they get !!                                                 $800.
6 Hp John Deere cart, Or 4 - 6 HP Waterloo Cart                                     $950.   
                          Tractors & Parts 
1939 B John Deere Styled Hand Start Completely Rebuilt, Nice original Flat spoke rear wheels, Good Rubber, Runs Great !!!                       Asking    2500.
International  "M"  With Bigger Duall Loader Needs work         Asking    $1000.
                   Maytag & Small Engines
I have two Quick lift Mowers that use Maytag Single Cylinder Engines all in NOS parts !! Plus some spare Nos Pieces !!       With Good Engine          $600.ea
Maytag McLean Garden Tractor, Needs Restoration One cracked Wheel But Comes with an Original Extra Set !!!  With Model 92 Engine                $700.
Maytag Blue Diamond Generator Engine  W/Original Pulley                        $850.
Maytag Twin Cyl Boat Engine Made in the late 50's early 60's in as found condition!!!                          Runs!!!!                                                       $2400. 
Elgin 1 Hp Upright  Should run  Nice complete engine!!!                             $2100.
Elgin Baby Comet Engine.... With Some Original Paper work !!                  $4000.
Briggs & Stratton  Type FH    Slant Fin Style  Complete, Still mounted on the Wash Machine Base!!   Unique!!  Loose  Should  Run                               $500.
*Early Duro Hit and Miss,  Battery Coil, Sewing Machine Engine Still On Cast Iron Mounting Base!!              Runs good, Older Restoration           Asking $1800.
Good Clean Flexible Maytag Exhaust hose $3.60 a foot Or .30 An Inch  plus shipping
I have a few Maytag Model 82 Timing Tabs, A very Hard part to find!!     $5.00 Ea
Many.....Many  Maytag Engines and used Parts........E-Mail   OR    Call  for Needs ?!?!

Contact us for Your Needs Or Wants Let us know if you have any Trades or Offers on My engines I have listed!!!!

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