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Prairie Classics Inc.

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Items Wanted

The following is a list of Cars, Parts, & Specialty Items We Need Help Finding!

We are Always looking for new projects and parts to complete the projects we are currently working on.  Please check below to see if you have or you can help us find any of these items.  Even if it not listed below we may still be interested what you have, please send us an email and we will get back to you! 

 Click on Pictures to enlarge !


   We are of course looking For the Obvious Muscle Cars But also Looking for the More Common Parts Cars such as Dodge Coronet 4 doors, Plymouth Belvedere 4drs, Darts, Dusters, Ect. Whether a good car, Or just Parts there May be more there that can be Used for other cars than You think!!!
Remember Restoring Is Recycling!!!!!!!

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Collector Car Parts Wanted !!!
 1933-1934 Plymouth Coupe or Sedan, complete or Parts !!!
 1968-1970 Dodge Coronet Parts, Or Parts Cars, 2 or 4 door.
  1968-1970 Plymouth Satellite, Sport Satellite, Belvedere,  Parts, Or Parts Cars, 2 or 4 door.
  1957-1958 Plymouth Savoy, Belvedere, Or Fury,  Parts, Or Parts Cars, 2 or 4 door.
  1969-1970 Roadrunner Super Bird & Dodge Charger Daytona Wing cars Or Parts.
 1963 Dodge Polara Cars Or Parts, 2 or 4 door
 Always looking for 340 Cars, Engines, Or parts.

we would love to find any Wing Car
Please let us know if you have a lead on one of these Odd Mopars

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Herculese Engine on Original Cart !!

   I am Always Looking for Engines; Weather it be a complete Collection, Just a single parts engine, OR A pile of parts that you are Not sure what to do with, Give Us a call OR drop Us an E-Mail !!!  and we can Help you Out !!!

8 Hp Sparta Economy Gas engine shown
Looking for any size of Sparta Economy Engines!!!

    I am Always looking for Hit And Miss Engines, Carts, Or wheels;  for all types of engines. I would Like to find a side shaft engine!! 

Side Shaft Type Hit and Miss Gas engine
Flyball Governed Faribult Gas engine!!!

Maytag Wood Wash Machine W/Upright Gas engine

Always looking for Maytag Engines, Parts, Bottles, Grease Cans, and Just about anything That says "Maytag"
 Especially Interested in the Upright Engines, And Early Model 82 Engines, Including Parts, Exhaust Hoses, Couplers, Mufflers and Components, OR the Washer Parts themselves!!!

A Maytag Engine Uses A Glass Jar For the Fuel Tank

Upright Magneto Engine With Stove Leg Base!!

  If you Are looking for information,  Just want to Chat About Maytag, Or Gas Engines, OR if you are looking For Maytag Parts, Or any Engine Parts, Contact Me and I might Have what you Are looking for, Or I can Get you Going In the Right Direction !!

Maytag Mower
Companys used the Maytag Engine for Various Uses

Early Model 11 Fin 82

If you Have Any of these Small Engines, or even the larger ones, Or know the location Of........  Contact US !!!!    CASH Paid for Most Items !!!